A Long Lasting Wrinkle Solution

The majority of available fillers are composed of a variety of natural and synthetic materials that are eventually absorbed by your body. This means you achieve short term results which causes a need for many different appointments over time. When it comes to your wrinkles you want long term results. At Cadella we have a solution. Our Artefill® / Bellafill® wrinkle filling treatment can last up to five years.

The benefits of Artefill® /Bellafill® include:

  • Long-lasting results;
  • Completed in simple in-office visits;
  • Superb safety profile;
  • Provides immediate results; and
  • You can resume normal activities right away.

Artefill® / Bellafill® works by using unique microspheres that are not absorbed by your body. It works with your skin to produce collagen to give you the long lasting results you want. To learn more about Artefill®/Bellafill®, call our office at 312.915.0195 to schedule a consultation.





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